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“If all Robert Plant ever did was to serve as the lead singer for Led Zeppelin, his place among the greats in rock history would be assured. However, any notions that Plant was merely a pretty-boy frontman following guitarist Jimmy Page’s directions during that group’s legendary time together — which a simple look at their songwriting credits prove are rubbish — have been long dashed by his long, successful and remarkably restless solo career. From 1982’s ‘Pictures at Eleven’ through 2014’s ‘Lullaby And…the Ceaseless Roar,’ he has consistently explored new styles of music, refusing to repeat any of his numerous critical and commercial successes. In the process, Plant has become the textbook example of how to grow old gracefully — and stay young of spirit — in rock and roll.” – Ultimate Classic Rock, August 2017.   

I absolutely love that quote. It is so accurate !! Roberts immense talent and his continual exploration of new sounds is evident to anyone who has followed the winding path of his musical career. He is a remarkable artist and human being.